• When was this section last updated & what does it apply to?
    Last updated this section as of 26 NOV 2022 19:31
    Also, all info contained in the Measure 114 section, overrides any info in the other sections.

  • Is BBT Arms still accepting transfers?
    Yes. I won't stop.

  • When can I come to your shop?
    Daytime I work from home and can usually schedule you in with some advance notice, otherwise 1500-2100 weekdays, and 0900-2100 weekends.

  • What days are you avilable before 08 DEC?
    I will be unavailable on the following days for any in person services. I will be receiving packages next business day.

    30 NOV Wednesday
    01 DEC Thursday
    02 DEC Friday

    05 DEC Monday
    06 DEC Tuesday
    07 DEC Wednesday
    08 DEC Thursday
    09 DEC Friday
  • Will BBT Arms abide by the "3 day law" exemption?
    Yes. At my sole discretion, subject to change without notice, however, here's how my thoughts are landing.

    YES - Current CHL holders.
    YES - Existing customers with previous and recent approvals.
    YES - Non-CHL holder transfers from other FFL's with a word of recommendation.
    MAYBE - Non-CHL holders & new customers, will again, be at my discretion, but most likely yes.

    NO - 18-20 year olds, which require an enhanced background and has to be called in to OSP and the wait times are horrendous right now.
    NO - Greencard holders and non-residents, which also need to be called in to OSP.
  • When is the last time to get a transfer submitted and still be released under the 3 day law?
    Sunday 04 DEC 2022 21:59. Again submitted to OSP, not started. It must be transmitted to OSP by this time since they close at 22:00.

  • Can I run a background check after 04 DEC 2022?
    I am unavailable to run a background check for you after 04 DEC and before 09 DEC, but on 09 DEC or later, I'm happy to. Again, this will be after 114 goes into effect.

  • What will happen if the firearm is not transferred before Measure 114 goes into effect?
    If your transfer is not approved by 07 DEC 21:59, BBT Arms will store your item until the permit process is implemented and the buyer has a valid permit to own a firearm.
    Alternatives to this are as follows
    1. Contact the seller and see if you can return it. I will ship it back for you, contact me for details. 2. Sell the item. Either online or to someone else. I will faciliate the transfer or ship it for you. 3. Consignment sell it with me. I post it online and advertise it and do all the legwork for a small fee.

  • What is the cost for a transfer now?
    As of 21NOV2022 all transfers are $40 for those instant approved. If you are not instant approved, the fee is $80. Why the sudden cost increase? Secure storage expenses and longer working hours. Volume is never before seen high, very far past unprecendented. Had to spend money on more safe storage and the possibility of long term storage until 114 gets resolved (or abolished.)

  • My FFL wont process a background check and has my firearm, can I transfer it BBT Arms?
    Yes. Get it here by any means necessary, have them ship it, deliver it, or whatever legal method works.

  • I'm really super desperate to get my item to you from a local FFL who won't process the transfer, can you pick it up for me?
    While I don't want to take away from my ability to process checks for others, some FFL's in the area that have refused to take more transfers are sending them to me, or I have arrangements to pick them up. Ask if they have an arrangement or would be willing to do so and send them my phone number.

  • Can I take my magazines with me when I submit my background check?
    Yes, please do so. If for some reason you have not already, please text me and arrange a time to pick them up,

  • Do you still have any firearms in inventory?
    Please go to the shop link for current inventory.

  • Do you have any 10+ capacity maagzines?
    Yes. AR15, AK47, Glock, Panzer BP12 compatible magazines & drums. Please go to the shop link for current inventory.

  • Can you order anything new and will it be here in time?
    Yes. Via expedited shipping and I require payment in full for new customers, 25% non-refundable down payment for existing customers that would go towards the final cost of the item.

  • I already have a firearm in background with BBT Arms awaiting a decision, when can I pick it up, or can I?
    Few variables to that.

    If you are already in process and your number in the queue will be resolved before the deadline, I'll contact you when it's approved and you can pick it up like normal.

    If your position in the queue is NOT going to have an answer by 08 DEC 2022 AND you've been in the queue for at least 3 full business AND you are a CHL holder, your item will be released on Dec 4th, 2022.

    Worst case scenario, Wednesday 07 DEC 2022 will be available to pick up items.

  • I do not have a current firearm in background with you, but I would like to, what is my timeline for doing so?
    I will start any in person transfers up to Sunday 04 DEC 2022 21:30. I will always accept any packages at any time, however all packages received on Monday 05 DEC 2022 or later will be held only and will not have paperwork started until after measure 114 goes into effect. Why you ask? Because I'm unavailabile during the 5th - 8th for a personal matter that was scheduled long ago and I can't reschedule.

  • How do I know what number I am in the queue?
    You can't and have to text me for your number. There's no way for buyers to view the line and there's not a good way for me to post everyone who is in line without some privacy concerns.

  • I'm thinking I want purchase but I'm not sure I'll be approved in time, what do you recommend?
    Short answer, order it and have it here by the 04 DEC, and we run the transfer.

    Long answer, I believe (hope) there will be an injuction against the law from taking effect and while that is in place, transfers will proceed like normal. If so, I would assume those that already have an approval code and were simply waiting for the permit process would be able to be transferred at the moment. Better than starting it at that moment.

  • If I qualify for the "3 day law" release, when can I pick it up?
    Sunday, December 4th, anytime. I have the day open for this specifically.


    • When was this section last updated?
      22 NOV 2022 13:26

    • What is the full text of Measure 114?

    • When does measure 114 go into effect?
      Thursday, 08 DEC 2022 0:00

    • What is this "3 day rule" I keep hearing about?
      Oregon law allows dispensing of the firearm if a response is not received from The Oregon State Police within 1 business day. Federal law is 3 days. The 3 day rule applies to the stricter of the two. This law allows a firearms dealer to deliver the firearm to the purchaser before a background check is completed.

    • Why haven't FFL's been abiding by the "3 day rule" until now?
      Risk and liability mainly.

    • This whole "3 day rule" sounds sketchy, where can I read the actual law for this?
      27 CFR § 478.102(a)(2)(ii)
      18 USC 922 (t) (1) (ii)

      Oregon Law
      ORS 166.412(3)(c)

    • Does measure 114 abolish the Oregon law allowing transfer of the item prior to having an approval code?
      Yes, yes it does.

    • When does the lawsuit against 114 happen?
      Friday 02 DEC oral arguments will be heard.

    • How long does a lawsuit such as this take to resolve entirely?
      3-5 years typically.

    • Now I'm motivated to do something to ensure my rights and freedoms, what can I do?
      Have the mindset to do something as often as possible rather than wait and suggest someone should do something.

      Watch Steven Crowder on Rumble here:
      More coordinated efforts are in the works, stay tuned.


      • This is my first gun purchase, how does this work?
        Welcome and congrats on your first purchase towards self defense and exercising your 2nd amendment rights. The following steps are the broad strokes and more specific details can be found in the applicable sections.
        If you're wanting to buy in person, text us and confirm we have the item on hand, schedule an appointment, fill out the paperwork, and walk away happy.
        If you're purchasing online through or otherwise, the process has quite a few more steps but here's the high level overview.
        1. Purchase the item and pay for it.
        2. Ensure the seller has a copy of our FFL as they will need it before they ship. Text or email for a copy.
        3. Seller will send you the tracking number.
        4. Once tracking # shows delivered, text us to arrange an appointment to pick it up and it takes less than 15 minutes. (Please make sure it shows delivered and dont expect items to be delivered on days the service says, it's pretty routine to have packages delayed.)
        5. Arrive in person to complete the transfer.



      • What is the process to purchase a firearm?
        You must be 18 years old to purchase a long gun.
        You must be 21 years old to purchase a handgun.
        You must not be prohibitied from owning a firearm.
        You must complete the ATF Form 4473 and complete a background check.
        You must complete the Oregon State thumbprint form.
        You must comply with all applicable laws.

      • How do I purchase a firearm?
        Just like you would anything else. Select your item and pay for it. If we're not already in their database, text me for a copy of my license and send it to them. Once the item arrives, text me for a time to complete the paperwork.

      • I am purchasing from another dealer and they require to ship to a local dealer, how does that work?
        Purchase as normal and pay.
        If I am already on file with your seller, select BBT Arms as your receiving dealer and you're done.
        If the seller does not have BBT Arms on file, please email us with your order information and an email to send our FFL to.
        Tracking information will be sent to you.
        Once item shows delivered, contact us for a transfer time.

      • What are your policies for receiving shipments?
        All recieved items will be opened and the firearm information verified off the firearm itself and entered into our books by end of business day. No exceptions.
        Items not picked up within 90 days of being received will be forfeited unless otherwise arranged.
        If an item or box is visibly damaged from the outside, pictures will be taken, but the item will still be opened for verification.
        If an item appears to be seriously damaged the shipment may be refused at our descretion.
        Any damage that may have occurred during shipping, or issues thereof, must be taken up with the shipper/seller directly.

      • What are your policies for completing a transfer?
        You must bring a government issued ID that matches your current address.
        The transfer fee is paid prior to submitting the 4473 application to OSP.
        Transfer fees are non-refundable for any reason.
        Acceptable methods of payment are cash or paypal.

      • What should I know before completing the 4473 and the transfer process?
        You need to be not disqualified from owning a firearm. See the 'MORE' link above and the 'Firearm Disqualifier' link.
        You must complete the form in the presecence of BBT Arms. You cannot complete this form in advance.
        The ID you wish to use must be government issued, valid, unexpired, show your date of birth and bearing your picture.
        If your residence address is not on your presented ID, a second form of ID may be used to verify.
        Your current residence address must match the address on your presented identification and match the corresponding Oregon database.
        Your name as entered in the 4473 must match your identification exactly. Avoid abbreviations.
        Both your thumbprints will be taken and kept on file as per Oregon state requirements.

      • How long does it take to complete a 4473 transfer?
        Completing the 4473 form and the fingerprint form takes about 5-10 minutes.
        The 4473 is completed electronically and just must be signed after being completed.
        Its a few minutes more to submit the form online and we wait for Oreon state police approval.
        If you're instant approved, you're done and out the door.
        If you go to 'review' this means the State Police Officer must put eyes on your application before approval. Depending on how many are in the queue, the wait averages between 1-3 minutes per number in the queue.
        Delays or long queues can happen during large gun shows, state database outages, peak buying times such as holiday sales.
        During a delay, the firearm must remain with the dealer until the process is complete. Once the Officer has finished reviewing your request, they must provide a determiniation within 30 minutes, which can be approved, denied, or delayed with an expected date.

      • Where can I get a copy of the 4473?
        See 'MORE' link above.
      • What do I do if my background check is returned 'delayed'?
        The short answer, nothing. OSP can offer you no more information than they're waiting on a response for an information request. If you are delayed, Oregon State Police will issue a delay date for which they should have a determination available. This date is available at the time of the delay. Though it may change and be extended during the process, it is rare. We will be notified electronically in the web portal of the delay date change. Typically a delay date is the longest time it will take for a determination. If a decision is returned sooner, the dealer will be notified in the web portal or via phone.

      • What do I do if I my background check is returned 'denied'?
        See the 'MORE' link above for the 'OSP denied challenge form' and the guide to appealing your decision for the State of Oregon. If the State tells you its a Federal denial, follow the 'FBI NICS' link for appealing. Most denials can be worked through to find and remedy the cause, however, until then, we will note this on your 4473 and retain possesion of the firearm. An Oregon State Police officer or other local law enforcment will follow up with us and the transferee. We are not notified of the reason for the denial and can provide no further reason for it.

      • Do my thumbprints get submitted to the Oregon State Police?
        ORS 166.412(4)(c) Thumbprints are not submitted to the Oregon State Police except in the course of an investigation or, in rare cases, to verify identity prior to purchase.
        Also, ORS 166.412(2)(f) A dealer is not required to keep the thumbprints beyond 5 years from the date of the transaction.

      • Where does my information get sent after completing the 4473?
        In Oregon, the primary point of contact is the Oregon State Police. They will input the information into the federal NICS database and check amongst other local databases.

      • How long does the Oregon State Police keep my information on record?
        ORS 166.412(7) The department may retain a record of the transaction for no longer than 5 years. It's unclear if they destroy records after 5 years, or still retain them.

      • How can I make sure I am 'instant' approved on my state background check?
        In short, you can't to our knowledge. The Oregon State Police do not divulge any of that information to the dealer. You may call the Fire Arms Instant Check 'FICS' hotline to inquire. While anectodal, we've not seen a discernable pattern as to why someone may be instant approved one day and go to review the next. Some people may have a name similiar to a disqualified person, sometimes using your Social Security Number helps identifying between the two.

      • What disqualifies me from purchasing a firearm in Oregon?
        A firearms background check involves accessing criminal history records from all 50 states and the federal government. If you have a potential disqualifier on your record, it will be researched no matter how old the event is. Records reported by criminal justice agencies often do not have specific details about a crime as it pertains to firearms laws and because both federal and state disqualifications can include crimes that may not be obvious within the categories listed below, it is a good practice to become aware of the details that could prevent an immediate approved background check response.

        Complete a Pre-Purchase Self-Assessment Questionnaire
        This questionnaire is yours to keep and intended for your personal use only. The list of questions are designed as a guideline to assist you in your firearms purchase. 

        Federal Disqualification Categories
        Conviction (Felony or Misdemeanor) where the crime has a maximum imprisonment term exceeding 1 year (even if you did not receive actual imprisonment exceeding 1 year)
        Warrant (Felony or out-of-state Misdemeanor)
        Felony Pre-Trial Release
        Misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence
        Restraining, Stalking, or Protection Order
        Mental health adjudication or commitment
        Unlawful use or addicted to a controlled substance (including Marijuana)
        Dishonorable Discharge from the Armed Forces
        Renounced U.S. Citizenship
        Illegal Alien

        Oregon Disqualification Information - In addition to the above
        Conviction of a violent misdemeanor within the previous 4 years – ORS 166.470(1)(g)
        Probation with conditions limiting possession of a firearm – ORS 137.540(L)
        Misdemeanor crime of domestic violence – ORS 166.255(1)(b)/(3)(c)(d)(f)
        Restraining Order – ORS 166.255 (1)(a)
        Conviction of Stalking under ORS 163.732 - ORS 166.255(1)(c)


      • What is an 'NFA' item?
        Anything that is not defined as a handgun, shotgun, or rifle.
        Examples include, but are not limited to, machine guns, silencers/suppressors, short-barrelled long guns, and anything that may not fit into those categories that is defined as 'AOW' / Any Other Weapon.

      • How do I purchase an NFA item?
        The process for transferring a NFA item is considerably more involved than a normal transfer.
        The purchaser must complete an NFA form 4 correctly, in triplicate, mail to the NFA branch of the ATF and wait for approval.
        Approval times can be 6 - 18 months.
        If you decide to proceed, you purchase the item normally and have it transferred into us. Once it's arrived, you may complete your NFA form 4 and submit it for approval.

      • How do I complete an NFA form 4 and can you help?
        Download the form, read the instructions and complete it. We highly encourage all new NFA purchases to download the form and familiarize themselves with it prior to completing the form.
        We can certainly help you complete it correctly. We have an electronic process for completing the form that prints out your required triplicates, your CLEO notification with mailing address already entered, your pictures added into the document, a 4th copy for your records, and a 5th copy of the first page only for storage with your item while awaiting transfer.
        This process is available to both individuals and trusts.

      • Do I need to complete the NFA form 4 at your location?
        You may complete the form 4 entirely on your own if you like, you'd only need to come in for us to fill in our dealer information and sign the dealer portion of the forms.

      • Where can I get a copy of the NFA Form 4?
        See the 'MORE' link above.

      • How much does an NFA purchase and transfer cost?
        The cost of the item itself varies wildly. Machineguns can be $10,000+ while silencers can be as inexpensive as $200.
        The transfer fee is an addtional cost paid with your application directly to the ATF, which is a non-refundable $200 typically, $5 for 'AOW'.
        There is addiontal costs in getting the required fingerprint cards and passport photos as well.
        BBT Arms will charge a transfer fee appropriate to the level of involvement you select. See our fee section below.
        Beyond that, just postage costs.

      • What is required with my NFA transfer paperwork?
        If transferring as a trust, a copy of your trust paperwork and a copy of the responsible person questionaire for each person it applies to, which requires fingerprints and photographs for each.
        If transferring as an individual, fingerprints and photographs are required.

      • Where do I get photographs taken?
        You can get them done if you choose to have us fill out your application in house. Otherwise, anywhere you get passport photos taken. If you have existing photos, they must've been taken within 1 year prior to submitting your application. You'll need 3 photors for each person. 2 copies for the ATF, 1 for the CLEO. For instance, the local Walgreens charges $12.99 for 2 passport photos and additional fee for printing a third photo.

      • Where do I get fingerprints taken?
        From anywhere that is FBI certified to take them and print them on an FD-258 fingerprint card. Two copies are required for each person. Most often this can aquired from your county sheriff or local law enforcement. For instance, Washington County Sheriff's office charges $25 for 2 FD-258 cards and $2 each additional copy.

      • Does BBT Arms provide fingerprinting or photograph services?
        Photos yes.
        Fingerprints are coming soon.



      • I want to purchase an NFA item from a private party and both parties are residents of Oregon.
        The transferor (seller) and the transferee (buyer) may complete the Form 4 without BBT Arms acting as an intermediary, though it would be advisable to work with us to ensure paperwork accuracy.
        The transferee will complete the form 4 and submit to the ATF.
        The transferee will recieve the approved application and stamp in the mail.
        Before the physical NFA item is transferred, you both must come to us to complete the 4473 paperwork.
        At the dealer, the transferee will complete the 4473 as a private party transfer and once approved, the transferee may leave with the item.

      • I want to purchase an NFA item from a private party in another state and I reside in Oregon.
        This type of purchase is a bit more involved because there are two transfers happening.
        First, the seller would contact us to arrange a transfer on a form 4, with a tax payment to be determined amongst yourselves and rendered to BBT Arms for submitting with the application.
        Once approved, the seller may ship the item to us at thier expense.
        Once we have recieved the item, the transfer is now the same as a normal form 4 transfer listed above. Alternatively, though not required, the seller may first transfer the item on a tax paid form 4 to a local dealer, who would then transfer the item to us on a tax free form 3. We would then complete a tax paid form 4 to you, the buyer. Completing the transfer this way adds approx 2-4 weeks processing time for the form 3 between dealers and likely adds a small transfer from the initial dealer. This process is not required, but some people just feel more comfortable with it.


      • How much does a transfer fee cost?
        $25 total per transfer for the first firearm and this includes the background check.
        If you are purchasing more than one firearm, $10 each additional firearm beyond the first. For example, if you have 3 firearms to transfer, the total would be $45.
        For sales on multiple hand gun purchases, there is an additional one time $5 fee.

      • How much does an NFA transfer fee cost?
        This depends on the services you would like us to perform and the item being transferred. Here's the breakdown.
        $125 - eForm4, 1st time customer fee only, includes fingerprints & passport picture.
        $ 80 - eForm4, returning customers with fingerprints & photos on file.
        +$10 - photos only for customers bringing their own EFT file but need new photos.

        SBS, SBR & MACHINE GUNS $150 - eForm4, 1st time customer fee only, includes fingerprints & passport picture.
        $100 - eForm4, returning customers with fingerprints & photos on file.
        +$10 - photos only for customers bringing their own EFT file but need new photos.